Fiberglass Insulation

If your AC isn't keeping up with the heat in Atlanta

Rolling out fiberglass insulation batts

Fiberglass insulation is probably what most people picture when they think of insulation. With it’s bright pink or yellow color and a cotton candy-like texture, it stands out from the rest. Made of sand and recycled glass, fiberglass has been used for over 80 years.

If your AC is struggling to keep your home or business cool in the middle of an Atlanta summer, its likely that your insulation could stand some improvement. And fiberglass insulation is a popular choice due to its effectiveness, affordability, and availability. 

Ideal offers fiberglass insulation in Metro Atlanta

If your AC isn’t cooling enough during the hot season in Atlanta, the Ideal solution is fiberglass insulation. The results will speak for themselves. Your AC won’t have to work so hard during the summer, so you can save money on your energy bills, and you’ll lower your impact on the environment. 

When installed properly, it offers high R-values and significantly reduced sound transmission. Fiberglass batting also fits easily between building framing, so this keeps installation costs down. The final product is neat and clean. And if you are looking for a product that will add to the safety of your home, fiberglass is naturally a fire-resistant insulator.

Looking for a local insulation company that will give you the best value for your money? Look no further than Ideal Insulation! We offer a variety of installation options for new construction, remodeling, and existing homes, and our work is guaranteed. So, if you’re looking for a company in Metro Atlanta that’s dependable and affordable, you’ve found it with Ideal Insulation.

We are highly-trained, experienced, and fully licensed to install high-quality insulation in Georgia.

How to tell if your insulation needs to be replaced?

The first sign that you should consider adding to or replacing your existing insulation is obvious; if it’s hot outside, and it’s also hot inside, there’s a problem. Once you’ve verified that your AC system is in working order and should be able to meet the needs of your building, it’s time to turn your attention to the insulation. Get it inspected, there are a few likely causes to weak insulation performance:

NOT ENOUGH – It could be that your building was not sufficiently insulated from the time it was built. In which case, adding to your existing insulation would be recommended. 

OLD INSULATION – Alternatively, if your building is old, the original insulation may not be performing like it did when it was new. In which case, you can ask a professional if it makes more sense just to add to it, or rather to replace the insulation completely. 

DAMAGE – The other reason to replace your insulation is if it’s been damaged. Here are the 3 common causes of insulation damage around the Atlanta area: 
  • Mold This is a common issue in Atlanta. If you find mold growing in your home, it is important to take action to remove it and prevent it from coming back. One way to do this is to remove and replace any insulation that may have been affected by mold.
  • Pests Homeowners in the Atlanta area need to be vigilant about pest infestations; not just because of the pests themselves, but also because of the bacteria and other contaminants they leave behind. Even after removing the pests, it’s crucial to clean up and replace insulation that may have been contaminated.
  • Water Damage from leaks and flooding can cause serious problems with your insulation. If water seeps into the insulation, it can create electrical issues or promote mold growth. If either of these problems occur, it is best to call a professional to replace the damaged insulation. 

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